Para todos los Apple-Lovers y no tanto, un curioso video de rap.

Apple Rap

Tanto si eres fan de Apple o no lo eres, no te puedes perder este video y pasar un buen rato riendote de la verguenza ajena.

Acá les va el video y más abajo la letra por si quieren seguir a estos “Apple-Lovers”.


(Shortayyy) Ahh shit!
Get your laptops ready, it’s about to go down
Everybody on YouTube, watch the f***in screen
But stay on this muthaf***in page
We runnin this – let’s go

I’m on a Mac, I’m on a Mac
Everybody look at me
Cause I’m clickin on a Mac
I’m on a Mac, I’m on a Mac
Take a good hard look at the muthaf***in Mac!

I’m on a Mac, muthaf***a, take a look at me,
Straight iPhone’in hard, got the 3G
Bumpin iTunes, CoverFlow to be exact
You can’t stop me muthaf***a, cause I’m on a Mac!
Eat a virus bro
I’m on a Mac Pro
We rockin 8 cores hard
Watch the screen go
I got my SuperDrive
And my mighty mice-es
I’m pluggin girls
You at work, pluggin in devices
I’m on a tandem fixie
And a 64-bit
Friends are jealous
Cause Parallels can run their sh*t
But this ain’t P.C.,
this is real as it gets
I’m on a Mac, mutherf***er
don’t you ever forget!
I’m on a Mac and,
it’s runnin fast and,
I bought a neopreen green scuba sleve sham
I’m the king of the Jobs, on a Mac for real
If you’re on a PC, then you’re not C.E.O.

Get the f*** up, this Mac is real!
F*** a Zune, I’m on a Mac, motherf***a!
F*** right click, multi-touch, motherf***a!
I’m on iChat with my boys, motherf***a!
These turtlenecks ain’t cheap, motherf***a!
Hey, y’all, now I’m an Apple whiz
I never need to learn what a driver is
Gonna say goodbye to all viruses
Like a Nano in pink, anything is possible!
Yeah, never thought I’d be on a Mac
It’s like a streamlined good-for-you crack
Wozniiiaaaaak, look at me ooohhhh

I’m on a Mac, I’m on a Mac
Take a good hard look at the muthaf***in Mac!


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